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"Artistic Visions, Engineered Precision"

My Journey

From a young age, cars have captivated my imagination and fueled my passion. Immersed in car magazines, I was enamored by their power and beauty,

setting me on an extraordinary path of challenges and triumphs.

Rather than seeing setbacks as failures, I embraced them as opportunities for growth. Each obstacle propelled me forward, pushing the boundaries of my creativity and refining my skills. With a deep understanding of metal fabrication and engineering concepts, I bring my visions to life with precision and technical mastery.

Collaborating with clients who share my enthusiasm, I create custom car designs that go beyond transportation. These designs become personal extensions of my clients' identities, reflecting their unique tastes and passions. Witnessing the transformative impact my creations have on their lives brings me immense joy.

As I continue to push the limits of custom car building, I invite fellow car enthusiasts to join me on this extraordinary journey. Together, we will leave our mark on the world, fueled by creativity, craftsmanship, and a profound love for the art of automotive design.

My Philosophy

At the core of my creative philosophy lies a deep-seated belief in embracing innovation and pushing the boundaries of automotive artistry. I am committed to challenging the status quo and exploring new possibilities in order to create extraordinary and groundbreaking designs.

Thinking Outside the Box:
 By daring to question existing paradigms, I am able to introduce fresh perspectives and bring forth unique creations that captivate the imagination.

Embracing Innovative Ideas:
I'm continuously seeking out novel concepts, I am able to infuse my work with a sense of originality and excitement that sets it apart from the rest.

Pushing Limits:
Driven to push the limits of what is considered possible in the realm of automotive design. Whether it's through the use of cutting-edge technologies, groundbreaking techniques, or exploring uncharted territories, I constantly strive to surpass preconceived boundaries and elevate my craft to new heights.

Experimentation with Materials, Techniques, and Technologies:
I embrace experimentation as a means of unlocking new possibilities. By fearlessly exploring different materials, techniques, and technologies, I am able to create automotive masterpieces that showcase innovation, craftsmanship, and a progressive spirit.

Meticulous Attention to Detail:
From the sweeping curves to the smallest components, I leave no stone unturned in ensuring that every element of my designs is perfected to the highest degree, resulting in awe-inspiring works of art.


Creating Unforgettable Rides,

One Design at a Time


'1- Host Chat' Sean Puz (OT360: Season 2 Ep. 5)

2- Lokar Car Show - Season 6, Episode 1 - "Atomic Blast Rat Rods 10th Anniversary at Gulfport Dragway"


4- One Off Custom Hot Rod Truck "Excalibur" 2022 Detroit Autorama Detroit MI

5- Bryan Dagel interviews Sean Puz, the 2019 champion of the International Radical Rod Build-Off

6- Announcement of the 2019 RU RATical world Champion

7- 1 of One Customs Mid-Engine V8 Powered Excalibur Truck Is a Monster in Shining Armor   blog by Autovolution 

Screenshot 2023-07-03 013909.jpg

8- Funky Freaks and Cool Customs of the 2022 SEMA Show  by MOTORTREND

Screenshot 2023-07-03 014747.jpg

9- The coolest Trucks of the 2022 SEMA Show  by MOTORTREND

Screenshot 2023-07-08 133735.jpg

10-Sean Puz Takes the Spotlight on the Cover of Cartoons Magazine, Featuring a Captivating Comic Strip of a Journey to Sean Puz's Orlando Workshop!

Screenshot 2023-07-02 210322.jpg
WhatsApp Image 2023-07-03 at 8.13.34 PM (1).jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2023-07-03 at 8.13.34 PM.jpeg

Business Scope 

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Welcome to 1 of One Customs, your ultimate destination for exquisite custom creations that transcend the boundaries of imagination. We are a full-service custom design and fabrication company, specializing in crafting exceptional pieces of art, from custom vehicles to jewelry, and even unique furniture for your home or office.

At 1 of One Customs, we believe that true artistry knows no limits. We take pride in offering a diverse range of custom creations, each meticulously designed and crafted to be truly one of a kind. Whether you are a passionate art collector seeking a show-stopping centerpiece or an individual looking to add a touch of exclusivity to your personal space, we have you covered.

Metal Shop Designs is a trusted partner for companies, contractors, and engineering firms in need of high-quality metal fabrication solutions. With a focus on out-of-the-box thinking and innovative engineering, we provide custom interventions that address unique challenges. Combining the artistry of metalwork with precision engineering, we push boundaries to deliver exceptional results. Valuing collaboration and communication, Metal Shop Designs creates metal fabrication works that elevate the quality and visual impact of commercial and construction projects. Welcome to Metal Shop Designs, where creativity meets precision, and solutions are forged from metal.



+1 412-780-5731

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Omega Trove Consulting 

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